Sony wants to expand its presence on PC: a director sought to plan next steps

We’ll have to go there. If Nintendo remains, for the time being, focused on the console and mobile market, it is clear that its competitors are lorking more and more towards the PC. For Microsoft, it is an implacable logic when we know the philosophy and history of the brand. On the other hand, for Sony, one feels a real desire to open his catalog to that of the Plites. For proof the Playstation Now accessible on the support or recent update of the Dualsense driver for the use of the PS5 controller in these optimal computer conditions. And to believe VGC, it’s far from over.


It’s been a few years since Sony tent, by step, to offer his PC games. If the 2018 GOD OF WAR (2018) acts as a showcase, it is far from al1. Now, the adeptic players of the keyboard / mouse combo can discover titles likeath stranding, Quantic Dream games, Uncharted compilation, Days Gone or Horizon: Zero Dawn. At a time when development costs do not cease To increase, this opening appears as one of the next major stages of the Japanese manufacturer. And he is preparing there.

An Orchestra Leader for Sony PC Strategy

The VGC site has thus spotted a job offer materializing the desire of Sony to speed up its strategy related to the PC. The position, located in San Mateo, California, aims to increase the visibility of the brand on the support. The arrival of this future director is added to the creation, last year, the Label PlayStation PC and supports the demand of many developers, which Cory Barlog was talking a few weeks ago, aiming to offer their games at the times on Playstation consoles, but also PC. In other words, it is only the beginning and there is a lot to bet that the vast majority of the future PlayStation exclusives also see the day, probably offline, on PC. at the moment, the world Video game lives very important movements and we are probably at the dawn of great upheavals in the industry.

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