Sleeping Gods: Distant Skies lanza campaña de crowdfunding

The sequel to the best table game diosses sleepers has launched its new Crowdfunding campaign. Red Raven Games launched the Crowdfunding campaign from Gamefound for Sleeping Inosses: distant heavens this week and has already raised more than $ 1.1 million, which coincides with the total number of Sleeps First Kickstarter campaign. _ Sleeping dioses: Distant skies_ is an open world cooperative campaign game in which players explore a great world represented by a maps book. Each player controls one or more crew members of a boat, or a loading boat in a distant, all of which have individual statistics and unique skills. The game has a branched history that consists of trying to escape from the mysterious kingdom in which the characters are located. In the first game, this involved the collection of totems linked to the heading gods. It is not clear what kind of strange story with pulp theme awaits the players in the new game.

_ Sleeping dioses: distant skies_ is designed as an independent sequel to the original Sleeping, _ that was released last year with great success. The first Sleeps_ first has an average rating of 8.5 in Board Game Geek, and the new game presents several settings in the game. The combat has been simplified with the use of a combat deck to replace the verification system in the original game, which eliminates precision and adds an element of power to the system. The exploration system also received a modification, since players can travel by plane or foot. _ Sleeping dioses: distant skies_ use a timeline to manage the actions instead of the number of shares established in the previous games.

Bleep Sleep™ Crowdfunding Video
At the close of this edition, the Gamefound campaign for Sleepings: Distant Heavens has raised $ 1,122,911, which almost coincides with the total number of funds for Sleeping Sleeps. Sponsors will receive a copy of the game with a contribution of $ 85. Options to buy the original Inosa Sleeping and the Sleeping Inosses: Primal swirl are also available. The Gamefound campaign will remain open until May 11.

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