Nintendo Switch: Joy-Con-Drift

Bad tongues would claim that the joy-con-drift problem is now part of the Nintendo Switch as Mario or Animal Crossing. But since the console’s release of the console in 2017, several players are beating around with this problem. At Joy-Con-Drift, the built-up stick detects a movement, though no entry is done, which then takes place, for example, for an unwanted movement of the character.

The topic accompanies the console to today and still can not be given the problem with the problem. Nintendo was even repeatedly sued several times due to this error, but a final solution seems to be still not available.

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Nintendo does not get the Joy-Con-Drift in the handle & stands again in court


Thousands requests per week

How massif is the Joy-Con drift problem now shows a report of the magazine Kotaku , which has spoken with a former employee of Nintendos Repair Company United Radio. Their seat is in the state of New York and takes care of hardware repairs for Nintendo for the East American market.

And apparently, the flood of repair requests temporarily caused a immense excess of United Radio. Because according to the former employee, “thousands of” Joy-CSS per week were sent at times, which lived in the company, a large-scale workplace was set up only for these repairs.

Additional problems caused a vicious circle

Nintendo Switch: как исправить дрейф Joy-Con

However, the report can also be found that there were other problems in addition to the sheer mass of inquiries. Several workers were only temporarily employed by an agency and have brought little experience, there was no understanding issues because there were only a few English-speaking employees in the team. The stress then led to a high fluctuation, a vicious circle.

As Kotaku also writes, inquiries from Joy-Con have been completely replaced from the years 2017 and 2018, but later there was a compulsion to repair the controllers – largely within four days.

Despite this enormous effort, still several players complain about the Joy Con-Drift problem – also in this country. College Dennis started a self-experiment in 2019 and tried to independently repair his Joy-con. What he has experienced, you can read here .

You already had trouble with the Joy-Con the Switch?

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