Nalance, 3 Community Day progress

Niant said on April the District of Earth, on the 23rd, which is on the 23rd of its games, and it was held on the 22nd to conduct a special community day event and a tree planting campaign.

Community Dele was planned to be held every month in a native game, and people are planned to create an environment that can be explored together, and on the day of the event, a unique game bonus is also available for each game.

In particular, the Community Dele is a special event that celebrates the Moon of the April’s month, conducting a tree planting campaign through eco-sized and collaboration with Eco Shen, the Nonprofit of Berlin.

The Niant will directly donate to ecoxia, depending on the number of users who move more than 5 km of this day.

Aimed at a total of 100,000 trees, ‘Picmam Bloom’, ‘Pokemon Bloom’, ‘Pokemono’, and ‘Ingres’, this campaign, such as “Pokemon Bloom”, etc. It is expected to do.

In the ‘Picmam Bloom’, we will celebrate the world with a tulip with a tulip.

The coming will be done for the day, and it blooms with a tulip when you plant common blue, red, yellow, and white petals near the big flower.

In addition, the seedlings of the flowerpot will grow at a faster rate of 1.5 times faster than usual, and only one bonus coin is obtained even if the flower of the flower is not usual 500 times.

In addition, a special tulip medium will be awarded to users who walk a few days a day.

The “Pokemon and” Community Dele, which appears in the first game in the first game, will be held from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm, and if you are lucky, the color may meet a special ‘pore bear’.

You can also get three times XP and twice the candy, and when you catch ‘Bear Bear’, you can grow more quickly with the probability of getting the ‘Bear Bear’ XL candy.

In addition, we conduct a prizes event as part of the sustainability week, and pay the Hawaii travel ticket to the Hawaii travel ticket through the lottery.

Stufful Community Day is the BEST Pokemon GO Event in 2022 Because of THIS

The event will be commemoriating the Aloa season, and you can follow the “Pokemon and” Follow the official account, and express the expectation of the event tweets.

Finally, in Ingres, special district’s day events are unfolded.

The new kinetics program works by commemoration of the Earth’s Day from 21 to 25th, and the kinetic capsule distance is reduced from 8 km to 4 km. In addition, we will pay a special medal to commemorate the District Day.

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