Matarazzo: Respect gives energy, fear takes energy

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Who holds it with a club in the relegation battle, always expects the gaming days to the end of the season (spreadsheet). Full of nervousness and excitement, the Matarazzo does not want to start in itself. Also because he has a good impression of his players. “The boys are very focused, very energetic,” says the 44-year-old, who currently does not see a need for action attracting the reins. “It is important before every game to find the right level of tension. With too much pressure, you should filter this filter and a little looseness. With too little tension, you have to do something so that the guys must be tight.” Currently nothing like the same was in demand. “If you need something, then rather joy and a wide chest to prostrate the game positively.”

He puts this all and everyone to the heart. What he also believes. In any case, nothing is felt in the VFB cabin from the decline. “I would not be afraid, but respect,” says the chef coach, the advantages and disadvantage. “Respect gives energy, fear takes energy.” However, there is no reason for excitement before the guest match at Hertha BSC on Sunday (5.30 pm, live! At expects). “We know where we stand, know how important the game is, and how many games we still have. We have respect for the task, but also look forward to the possibility that this game offers to leave the relegation site again. “

And if this should not succeed, neither is nothing lost. “If it were the last season game, it would be a final. It’s not a final, it’s about a lot and gives a direction. Afterwards will show how much pressure and the starting situation we have.” Even in the case of a defeat, “everything is still possible. We still have three games.” Under which, however, inevitably a final will be.

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