League of Legends: 10 year old theory soon confirmed!

It’s been almost ten years since a mysterious silhouette fucks the curiosity of League of Legends fans. After multiple theories, an endless wait and frustrating silence on the part of the developers, the veil finally prepares to be lifted thanks to the new champion.


The League of Legends community never ceases to analyze every detail of each corner of the Universe of Runeterra to find clues for future skins or the next champions. If they can sometimes go for theories slightly drawn by the hair, some deserve the benefit of the doubt. This is the case for the one surrounding a mysterious silhouette have appeared several times for almost ten years.

Originally, there was Viktor

10-Year Anniversary Celebration | Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition - League of Legends
To understand the origins of this theory, you have to go up almost ten years back , when exiting the Viktor Creator skin. We are then in September 2013, and the arrival of the skin completes the “Proto” cosmetics line (BattleCast in VO). In the lore of the latter, Viktor is at the origin of an army of machines with brains, created for the sole purpose of crushing his enemies. At the time, The Creator’s Cleaer Skin Callback Animation unveiled several recognizable silhouettes .

Among them, one could notably see that of Proto Cho’gath Prime , Skin already released in 2012. Skins Proto Kog’MAW and Proto Skarner Alpha were subsequently unveiled in 2014, one year After, coming to confirm that all the silhouettes corresponded to a skin of the proto line . However, a last silhouette presents on the recall animation at the base of Viktor creator remains still without equivalence in the game today… It clearly indicates a creature with wings, similar to a bird or butterfly at night for example. Two theories are then instantly born: It can only be a future Skin of Anivia, or a whole new champion . And if Riot Games has not yet confirmed none of the two possibilities, they still continued to fuel the nascent embers of the theory several times…

The shadow of a doubt

On February 27, 2014, a new champion entered the invoker’s fault. Vel’koz, the eye of the nothingness, landed in the game armed with his fission of the plasma, his opening of the flaw, and especially his disintegrator of life forms. Like all new champions, It is also accompanied by a skin as soon as it exit, and you will have guessed it, it is a skin of the proto line . Nothing very shocking at first sight, but zooming a little bit about his associated illustration, just above the Viktor in the background, we find the mysterious silhouette of the flying creature, sifted in the mist.

In 2017, three years after the last index, the Urgot champion, long snobbed by the players, receives a total overhaul of his gameplay and his design, as well as all of his skins . Among them, originally released in 2012, is a skin of the proto line . And while Riot Games unveils the new illustrations associated with each of the crusher skins, the same fine silhouette of the winged monster reappeared discreetly in the bottom of the Proto Urgot illustration, just under the flame of its canons . For League of Legends fans, the observation is without appeal: it starts to do a little too much coincidence not to be serious .

A flat silence

However, since 2017, the community no longer detects any index from Riot Games . Some players believe there, others are a reason, the theory loses its interest and gradually in oblivion. Developers will never mention them in their communications, and never responded to the requests of the community . A silence so strong that it would seem almost suspect compared to their reactions to other theories about canceled champions or forgotten capabilities. Indeed, The Riot Games team has the habit of slipping some references to these kinds of community events in their patch notes or in their oral, video or written communications, at least when it comes to Projects canceled or completely next to the plate that will not clearly ever see. Their silence regarding the mysterious silhouette presents since 2013 and used several times in the same line of skins then becomes for some of an additional argument for the veracity of the theory **.


No later than yesterday, we discovered that a Youtuber had managed to spot the appearance and name of the next Champion of League of Legends. Bel’veth of his little name, the new Jungler of None appeared before our eyes, and unveiled its shape: a winged creature, corresponding in every respect to the silhouettes hitherto mysterious .

Ten years after its first appearance in a simple reminder animation at the base, and after two discreet appearances in Skin’s Skin illustrations, the doubt resurfaces, and gradually turns into confirmation: The silhouette corresponds
Well in Bel’veth, the new champion
By adding all the clues accumulated from the beginning, it becomes easy to imagine that the skin that will accompany the release of this new character will also be part of the Proto line, and will correspond to a mechanized version of the Breast of nothing
There is no doubt that we will have the final answer to this mystery very soon, and that the most experienced theorists will be happy to learn that they had known it from the start, almost a decade ago.
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