Arts Arpg “ARTO” announced, December 2st STeam release. Lets paint in the world where the color was lost

Developer ORIONGAMES announced on April 23, an open world action adventure ARTO “. The corresponding platform is PC (STeam) and scheduled to release December 2. ORIONGAMES, which develops development, is a small team consisting of 11 people.

The stage of this work is the world where the color has lost. Among the worlds are dyed white and scenic scenery are spreading. Players can recover lost colors in progress these worlds. The surrounding colors will be recovered to chase the player’s footprints. Not only the color comes, but various facial expressions are observed according to the environment. For example, a variety of views will spread, such as grass and wild flowers swaying in the wind.

There are six biomes as a stage. A green grassland, a shrine lined with Torii, and a large environment, such as a waterside of the pier, will be moved. Also, this work is not only different locations, but also the art style changes for each stage. Watercolor winds and pop art winds, pixel art winds, ink painting winds, such as lands, such as land, enjoy viable visuals. There seems to be a gimmick for each environment, and sometimes it seems that there are scenes such as skipping the highway by car or riding the boat and advancing the water side.

In this work, individualized bosses and enemy characters will also appear for each stage. In the trailer image, it is possible to confirm the enemy that will cause the barrage to attack the barrage and the enemy of the long neck, and the boss-like huge crisp organism, or the other person who does not wear out the permanent oil and the other person who does not wear out the objection. There are more than 30 enemies that appear in this work, and the boss has multiple stages of battle phases. In addition, there are reasons and stories to fight each enemy. In order to win, it is necessary to use positioning, weapons, combat skills and timing, etc.

Five types can be confirmed as players’ weapons. It seems to be able to use a fan that throws like a boomerang, a screw that can attack a wide range, a hammer that adds a strong blow, and so on. It would be nice to choose a game according to your own play style or enemy capture method.

“ARTO” is scheduled to be released on STeam on December 2nd.

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