WOW: LE GEN-DARGER Exploit makes players wear almost only legendary

Legendary objects in WoW should be something very special. Therefore, our characters in patch 9.2 can equip a maximum of two pieces of it at the same time \ – actually anyway. Because an exploit, which apparently already existed on the PTR of the update, allows players to create Legendary’s in every matching slot at once.

with seven legendary against the chairmaster

We will not explain to you in detail how the exploit works to prevent imitation. Only so much: apparently the bug hangs together with the legendary item Cord of unity and production of Legendary’s in the rune metz. Who exploits exploit, can equip legendary items simultaneously in all available legendary slots. However, their legendary effects are inactive – only ITemlevel and attributes are retained. The benefit of the exploits is therefore limited.

Some players have apparently exploited this exploit. Currently, appropriate screenshots and videos of two characters circulate, one of which uses his new equipment directly in the fight against the Chairman on the difficulty degree of mythical +. However, we waive this point to link appropriate threads into social media because the exploit is explained there.

Overall, we strongly assume that the WOW developers will soon be able to add a hotfix to the LiveServer of WOW in order to resolve the bug with the legendary slots. Players who exploit exploit may be able to expect a spell with a spell. In no case, you should not try to scare more than two legendary items through this bug. Because then, with certainty, you will collect a corresponding punishment from the developers themselves.

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Source: Reddit, Icy Veins

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