Glöckner Haddert: What distinguishes us has completely missing

A hit by Vincent Vermeij in the 38th minute decided the Monday evening game in favor of the SC Freiburg. However, the hit was not very undisputed, because Emilio Kehrer headed his ball to the hand, from where the ball bounced to the scorer. The Waldhof defensive complained immediately and set the play.

“The ball goes from the head to the hand and the ball is extended further, so my players are assumed that the referee has seen this,” said Waldhof-Coach Glöckner at “Magenta Sport”. “He did not see it, accordingly, you will get a goal where you can actually get free kick.”

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Glöckner: “We would have to lead 2: 0”

In the end it was the game scene scene, under the bottom line Mannheim must also take his own nose. “We did not come into play from the beginning. What actually distinguishes us, lightness in the possession of the possession, good and fast passport with penetration forward, which has completely missed us today,” but Glöckner, who invested: “We would still have 2: Need to lead, but are currently unable to utilize the great scoring chances. “

For the past three games, there were only two points for Mannheim. The residue in third place is already eleven points, with a game less on the account. The residue ranked four, which would mean the direct qualification for the DFB Cup, although only four points amount, but Osnabrück has a game less on the account.

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