Barcas next failure annoys Xavi

XAVI doesn't understand why there were so many EINTRACHT FRANKFURT fans at CAMP NOU
Xavi Hernandez trains the “toughest and most demanding club in the world” according to its own statement.

There is nothing of what the great and glorious FC Barcelona had to experience on Thursday night. Neither a Europe League participation nor a game against Frankfurt and certainly no out of that harmonics, whose around 30,000 fans, to all, dictate the mood in Camp Nou.

Accordingly, Xavi, the former world-class kicker spoke of “a giant disappointment”. After the unfamiliar preliminary round in the Champions League, the 2: 3 was the next evil failed in the Europa League second leg against the Hesse. Especially since the two very late gates for Barça let the pure result look better than it was the game. The departure of the Catalans was completely deserved.

Annoyed from Ticket Assignment

Above all, Xavi annoyed that in Camp Nou were similar to many Frankfurters like Barça fans. This is “a planning error,” the coach explained. President Joan Laporta announced consequences: “We have to do measures here. What happened in Camp Nou, can not happen again.” There were only almost 5000 tickets, but many Eintracht fans secured themselves over other ways. And in the advertising around Robert Lewandowski, the Barça-out was certainly not helpful.

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