World of Warcraft Classic: Best Alliance Upgrade Zones

In wow classic, the upgrade is a little more difficult. You do not expect to level several times in each zone, then move on to something else, and some areas are better than others for leveling.

Anyway, each race is blocked in its starting area, so you have no choice. It’s not so serious for humans and night elves, but dwarves and gnomes should leave Kharanos as soon as they can.

World of Warcraft Classic: Best Alliance Upgrade Zones

Once out of your starting area and the area immediately outside, you have some options. In order, Darkshore (11-19), Loch Modan (10-18), Westfall (9-18) and Duskwood (10-30) are all solid starting points.

Keep in mind these levels of levels. Duskwood is an excellent area, but go directly to level 10 can pose lost time problems to die in contact with high level monsters in which you accidentally venture.

Westfall is a key area because it contains the deadines, one of the first dungeons you can access. The quests are also relatively mild in the region, making it an easy-to-clean area.

The Loch Modan is a fast and furious area full of effective quests “Kill these” that you can accomplish many at a time with very dense appearances. As long as you avoid being harassed, it will be easy to get your level and get out. Be careful not to wander in the Badlands (36-45) in the south and make you kill by high-level enemies or the Players of the Horde.

Classic WoW: Best Questing Zones
DARKSHORE is about the same, even slightly upper level. The quests are even thicker on the ground here, making it the best area for this level of levels.

Once you have explored the content of most or all these areas, you should be ready to face the carmines (15-25), which should lead you to the point where you can also finish the higher level quests of Darr.hore.

At this point, wetlands (20-30) are virtually the only place where you can go. There is not a ton of quests here, and most are grouped near the east of the map. This area is supposed to be a last leveling area of the alliance before you are forced to venture into a disputed area… which is a bit a different bullet game. Just make sure the one in which you venture is not the Burning Steppes (50-59) to the north; At 30, no chance on your part.

Keep these areas in mind and cross low levels: and be prepared to face the disputed areas.

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