¿Y si PlayStation termina comprando Kojima Productions?

At a time when manufacturers buy studies with desire, Sony is no exception and did not hesitate to acquire Bungie but also other studies like Haven. However, if we thought that the company was going to stop there, nothing further from reality.

Did PlayStation Buy Kojima Productions?
Did you think that was all? Well, no ! There could be a new earthquake in the world of videogame industry. In fact, an update of the Official Blog of PlayStation Studios has caused problems .

Kojima Productions acquired by PlayStation?

In fact, in the official blog of PlayStation Studios an element jumped into the eyes of many players. In your banner, now a picture of the Badge title of Kojima Productions , Death Stranding. Although the license does belong to Sony, this photo raised enough questions.

Kojima Productions now is part of PlayStation Studios? Sony bought the Kojima studio? In addition, you are aware that a few days ago, the first interested party had published on social networks a photo of his office at Sony’s facilities, empty. Maybe a change to PlayStation Studios?

Such acquisition would not really be surprising when we know how much it especially likes Hideo Kojima to Sony . Proof of this is your Death Stranding license that has been an exclusive in consoles for PlayStation players for many months. On the other hand, several rumors have also been announcing for several weeks that the firm (Sony) would be working on a project of Silent Hill .

But before reaching a conclusion, it is worth remembering that this is just a banner update, and perhaps Sony just wanted to show all your games? Just as some information announced on the other hand that a new agreement was to be specified between Microsoft and Hideo Kojima, although here again, they are only rumors and speculations .

Either way, if such acquisition has occurred, it is most likely that we know more in the coming days.

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