Com2us, Baseball Game Project Appropriate Tips for Appliances

[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo] Com2us (Representative Song Jae-joon, Lee, Yi) revealed Q & A on the 14th, which had the employment tip written by the current and greeting officer in relation to large-scale recruitment of baseball games.

Com2us is a new “Com2us professional baseball V22 (compute compute V22) and ‘compute 2022’, and a baseball game line, including ‘MLB9 Insurance 22’. In particular, since the release of the two-digit application for the continued development and service of the V22, which is recorded for the first place of the two app market sports, it is a total of 8 jobs including developers and business PMs.

MLB 9 Innings 16 Android HD Gameplay (by Com2Us)

Com2us revealed Q & A content through recruitment blogs to solve the questions of volunteers to employment of baseball game projects. Q & A consists of a variety of information, including job-specific application writing tips, recruitment schedules, and application writing know-how.

“The portfolio, which contains the past coding experience in the developer, and the planner with the past coding career for the application of the application is different,” the planner has a high degree of interest in baseball, “and the strength of the baseball, I would like to write an application and write it. “

In addition, Q & A also contained information on organizations and tasks that will be accompanied by project batch criteria, project organizational configuration, and atmosphere.

The acceptance of this employment will proceed to 11:00 pm on April 17th, and one of the one-to-one consultations with the personnel representative during the recruitment period operate. Applicants can inquire about the questions related to recruitment after registration of KakaoTalk ID (@ Com2us).

Com2us has also provided an external recommendation system for baseball projects. Even if you are not a Com2us employees, anyone can recommend talented talent to your duties through your outdoor recommendation page, and when recruitment is successful, the recommendation is receiving a compensation of 1 million won.

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