Kingdom Hearts 4: Square Enix kündigt Kingdom Hearts 4 an

14 years were between the release of Kingdom Hearts II (PS2) and Kingdom Hearts III (PS4) – and the characters are well standing that the durst track is dramatically shorter to the next main part of the popular RPG series. Because: Yesterday Sunday, Square Enix has just taken out an over 7-minute “Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Announcement Trailer”. The scenes to the iOS or Android title Kingdom Hearts Dark Road and the new mobile offshoot Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link we skillfully leave on the left and jump to minute 4:07 the trailer show.

Because it’s about Kingdom Hearts 4, the – O-Ton Square Enix – “Triumphale Return of the Beloved RPG Series”. The Japanese around Serien-Maestro Tetsuya Nomura promise an “updated view of the beginning of an epic new action titled The Lost Master Arc”. In the trailer Hero Sora plunges in a boss fight against a huge monster, which takes place in the so-called squareum – that is “a large, extensive city in a beautiful, realistic world, as it never before in the Kingdom-Hearts series has given.” Thanks, Square Enix – We could not have expressed that.


Speaking of beautiful: a release appointment or at least period we have already found well, even if that, given the Odyssey of Part 3, no one would have taken no one for Bare coin anyway. Too the platforms is also missing every word, with owners of a Sony console probably have good prospects. Last but not least, we also get the duke Donald and Goofy to face. But see yourself…

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