Please what!? Elden ring played in less than 9 minutes

Update, 8:17 o’clock: No sooner we had pushed aside the keyboard, the next world record is already rooted. Speedrunner Distortion2 has ended Elden Ring now in 8:56 minutes. How he did that, that explains the article.

Original message: No, we do not have the 1st of April today and do not worry, as the 140 million deal from Microsoft, we only allow ourselves on this one day a year – promised!

This actually means that it has succeeded in playing a speedrunner elden ring in less than 13 minutes and even clearing a boss out of the way. As the new world record has come about and which tools were needed, we want to explain that to you.

How to play a 100h game in less than 13 minutes

Already in the past weeks since the release of the Action RPG at the end of February, the world records are always rooted. Lastly, the top stamp was at unbelievable 14:08 minutes. Youtuber Mitchriz has now undercut this time for proud 96 seconds and saw the credits after 12:32 minutes.

How did he do that? Of course not on a conventional path on which most of us may have just closed the character editor. The Speedrunner has used so-called “Zips” to shoot across the intermediary thanks to a teleport glitch, while skipping entire areas.

Like that looks, you can see in the video:

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Elden Ring Any% Speedrun in 8:56 (WORLDS FIRST SUB 9 MINUTES)

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The Teleport Glitch is one of the fastest speedrun techniques ever discovered in a Souls game and also a good one month after becoming known, the error from FROM software has not been removed from the game.

This is how the Glitch works: How to explain Youtuber Distortion2 in his video, you must press the direction keys during block at a certain speed. If that succeeds, your game figure is teleported forward, which works over large distances. In the video above you can follow the exact entries exactly.

Other current news about Elden Ring:

  • High resolution map shows all the graces
  • Hidden ghosts-skill looks cool, but is deep trunk
  • That changes in the New Game Plus

World Cords of Dark Souls Games far undercut

The great importance of Glitch for the Dark Souls Speedrun community has a look at the world records of the other games. (Via Eurogamer). Thus, the Any% Record for Dark Souls is 21 minutes, at Dark Souls 2 at 14 minutes and at Dark Souls 3 at 31 minutes.

It is also interesting that the current time certainly will not last long. For the last teleport, Mitchritus has used some experiments and so still left up for a faster time.

How long have you needed for your first passage or asked differently: How many hours did you already play Elden Ring?

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