Ex-BundesligaProfi Fernandes New Fifa

The former BundesligaProfi Gelson Fernandes works in the future as a functionary at the World Association.

As FIFA notified, the former Swiss national player born in Cape Verde will be director for the member associations in Africa from 1 August. There, the long-standing Freiburg and Frankfurter should promote the development of the development of the African member associations as part of the forward program.

“We are very pleased that Gelson accert the FIFA team,” said FIFA President Gianni Infantino: “Gelson had a fantastic career as a footballer and has important experience to best meet his tasks.”

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He feels “honored”, supplemented Fernandes, who is currently working as a vice-president at the FC Sion: “I am african, and if you get such a quote, you have to accept it, because it is a way to return africa as african “

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