Rumor: Ubisoft creates a royal battle hero shooter named Pathfinder

Ubisoft is back! The French publisher would develop a new royal battle game, maybe named Pathfinder. It is according to the predictor of Industrie Tom Henderson, who writes that the gameplay will be based on the team, with groups trying to reach the middle of the map to fight a large boss of the IA. The premise seems pretty unique, we assume.


The report also suggests that the characters of the players will be distinct “heroes”, each with his own abilities, as in Overwatch or Apex Legends. However, the project is still in its infancy, so the finest details have not yet been defined.

If all this is true, then “pathfiner” will be pretty much the second attempt at Ubisoft to break through the Royal Battle Shooting Market, after Hyper Scape. This game should always be closed later in the month, following a statement by Ubisoft in December. Basically, the company explained that no one was playing there.

Will Pathfinder have a better chance to succeed? Hard to say. Obviously, we will have to see this thing in action, but even in this case it is so difficult to break into the genus Royal Battle – and it is even more difficult to maintain a healthy user base.

Will we ask you if you like Pathfinder sounds? Give Ubisoft some tips in the comments section below.

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