Thiunes unbeatable Fortuna prevents Rostocks record

Düsseldorf for seven games unbeaten, Hansa with last four wins in succession – on the Rhine, two dimensional teams met. The Fortuna, among other things without the battered Bodzek and Ginczek, caught the better start: Tanaka stood according to Nareys ahead of left in the 13th minute of gold and marked out of eleven meters his first goal this season, henning had passed through clever. From Rostock came little in section One little, in the 55th minute but goalkeeper Kastenmeier had to scratch a header of Meißner from the line. After a counterattack, Düsseldorf filed, Appelkamp headed (64.) – and Narey even put on the 3-0 final stage in the exam time. Hansa thus missed the new club record with five second divisions in a row and did not crack the 40-point mark. Meanwhile, the Fortuna stopped her dot account to 36.

F95-Pressekonferenz | Fortuna Düsseldorf vs. Hansa Rostock 3:0 | 2021/22 Thioune nach #F95FCH

Ingolstadt does not go to the finish – Gimber in bad luck

Regensburg against Ingolstadt, which was initially a pretty tough matter. The field superior upper pälzer bite the teeth on the defensive tail light – and were corn very cold in the 36th minute. A flank of Gebauer countered Guwara unhappy and thus surprised his Jahn-Keeper Meyer. The leather sailed into the long corner – 1: 0 for the FCI. Since Jendrusch placed against Saller (40th) and Makridis (43.) Class, the guest’s guidance was stopped at the break. But the Jahn did not open and rewarded, Albers poked the leather over the line in the 56th minute. Afterwards, however, the two teams offered a lot of fighting and a lot of spas, only in the detention time then a clear score: but Gimber made only the post by head, it remained at the draw. For the FCI, the point is too little to create the miracle class yet – even if the Upper Bavaria the red lantern was Friday night at Aue.

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