Notes to the update of the Haddonfield for Dead By Daylight 5.7.0 PTB

Behavior Interactive, Dead by Daylight developer, released several new updates for PTB testing. In addition to evasion from clown, the surviving and killers can enjoy the revised Hadonfield map and many settings before they fall into a live game.

Highlights of the middle of chapter Dead by Daylight


  • The Haddonfield map has undergone visual processing.


  • The ratings of the complexity of the survivors are removed due to the fact that all survivors use the same mechanics.
  • The ratings of the complexity of the “killer” are changed to “light”, “moderate”, “complex” or “very complicated.”

Processing of hemorrhage

  • In survivors suffered from hemorrhage, the progress of healing will steadily decline if they are not treated.
  • Sloppy Butcher and Nightmare’s “z” blanket add-in were changed to take into account this change.

Haddonfield, Legion AND Ghostface REWORKS! | 5.7.0 Dead By Daylight Patch Notes

The killers

  • Nightmare
    • Changed for processing hemorrhage
  • Legion
    • Fancy and creepy new TERROR RADIUS and Chase music options!
    • Many new additions
  • Ghost Person
    • New TERROR RADIUS and CHASE music (less terrible)
    • Additional overhaul
    • Modifications to pursue and reveal mechanics

Open engine and download size

  • The kernel is updated, so this time expect a larger update than usual.

Full list of notes to PTB patch See official forum.

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