What was the problem of “Yaishi Kakoi” of “Yawakami”? The issues of troubleshooting that became rewound through two-way three rotation

HOYOVERSE announced on April 2, and “Kamijin” character 八 Some specifications of Kaishiko returned to the previous state. The skills of Yatsuko implemented in February are fixed in March and will be April and then rewind in the state before correction. While winding pros and cons, it has become the origin.

In this article, I would like to think about the reaction of fans about why while following the process of disturbance, why it became a big noise. In addition, the description of the community response is limited to what is limited to what was observed within the author’s observation range.

# Why did you criticize the adjustment of Hatsumi Mako?

“Ukiyo-e-lol / Yatsuko (lightning)” that became a fuss is available only for a limited time prayer (so-called gacha). In other words, it was a high rarity (star 5) character that is essential for most people to get “charges” (a star 5) character, and was playable in Ver 2.5 (February 16, 2012 update). During the battle, I will continue to give lightning damage to the enemy intermittently from the installation items that can be given lightning damage to the enemy, and the performance of a slightly supported performance, mainly There is. From the time of formal mounting, “Human” has been shown to “attack enemies in the range randomly,” has been recognized as the skills of such performance.

However, with the update to Ver 2.6 (March 30, 2012), the announcement that this behavior was suddenly defective was made from Hoyoverse. According to the official explanation, “Sakai Sakai” has formed a “Carde Logic to aim for the enemy priority”, but the actual behavior is not as aiming, and it is newly at Ver 2.6. Adding a Distance “Logic is that negative experiences have been improved to some extent.

Initially, in the user community, in the user community, it is easy to fix the subject to hit the skills, and there is little opinion to be a buff (reinforced), so there is a lot of opinions to be buffed (strengthening) It was broken by an opinion that I was. However, the opinion that it was a debuff was immediately noticed, and it has developed into a big fuss.

Why did you change the skill performance that seems slightly like? Let’s raise the reason.

The most problematic change was that the merit of random attacks has been lost. In the “Kawagami”, there are many aspects where multiple enemies are attacked by the player al1. If you have a long distance attack such as a bow and arrow or magic in the enemy, you will be aimed at a target from a distance while being a short distance enemies. Since random attacks that automatically eliminated to long distance enemies were convenient in the war battle, there was an opinion that repulsed with the change of the specification of short distance.

Another big criticism is that the skill is disabled when there is an enemy equipped with a shield. Enemy with a shield such as Hill Charhar Mob / Wood Shield is attacked and absorbed and invalidated with constant damage. If the closest enemy is a shield, all attacks will be prevented by the shield if the closest enemy is the shield. This is a phenomenon that does not occur random, so it was claimed that it is a debug.

The main criticism is throttled by two points described above, but the existence of a specification called elemental adhesion cool time was also pointed out. In the “Megami”, elemental adhesion occurs in the enemy by elemental attacks, and further different elements adhere, an elemental reaction having various effects occurs. Although there is no clear explanation in the game, elemental adhesion is known to be able to occur continuously in a short time for one enemy. In other words, since Ver2.6, which is continuously attacked by lightning, the change is that Ver2.5, which attaches lightning elements to many enemies, is more likely to be the efficiency of the elemental response, so It is a claim that there is.

# Certainly there was a fire species

In the first place, the combat performance of Yatsuko did not make the evaluation immediately after mounting. Support performance is similar to a low rarity (star 4) character, and elemental skills, which are mainly weapons, are accompanied by a slightly slow movement at the time of activation. Although there is sufficient strength, it is not a character that can be highly highly aligned instantaneously, but is not so strong that it has powerful support characteristics, but in particular, it is very welcomed in the layer seeking damage efficiency. There was a non-node.

Actually, even when Ver. 1.1, although it was implemented that was popular from before the implementation, criticism was gathered by the user felt that the performance was low. As a result, the weight was subjected to significant strengthening, so this successful experience is also a reason that the dissatisfaction of Hakuko is noticeable.

However, in this case, it has reached a big turmoil that has passed since the implementation of Yae Qingda, and the situation is slightly different from the time of the weight. Rather than saying, “Several change has been made after one month after the implementation,” itself is considered.

# The biggest reason is “doubt to administration”

The number of reasons mentioned above is a criticism of the skill performance after the change, but in the first place, “How to present the management information and attitude” will be doubted with users It appears to be the biggest reason to reach “turmoil”.

In the official explanation, it is said that it is the fix of “defect”, but even if it receives a par value, it remained not reporting the user to the user for about one or more from the implementation. Because it is confirming that the negative experience was confirmed, the defect should have already been recognized at the early stage of Ver 2.5, and it will be unnecessary that they did not inform it. Operation is also aware, and if normal failure is announced immediately, this case will still be unnatural.

This unnatural “defect” is a suspicion that “not only the retrick is not to be a retrick to prevent problems with modifying the charging gacha emission character” between users. rice field. In the case of changing the Gacha character that has given up to now, it is often developed into the “Prize Display Method” that the user conflicts “excellent misidentification” and prompted for charges, Regardless of whether the argument is correct or not, it is customary to have a negative discourse widely diffused on the net. It is a disliked that he hated such a situation as a disadvantage of such a situation, that is, it is not just a representation for managing more than a sincere explanation to the user, share in the community It was done.

This claim has been grounded from another system “convex effect” in general with a gacha. Convex is a common name of a system that adds favorable characteristics to users, such as capabilities and items that duplicate and duplicate items, such as capability value up and performance changes, It is prepared by the item name.

Yaekako is “2 convex”, ie the ability to release the same character 3 times, “Yoshinzuki Mochizuki” is set as “attack range + 60%” in addition to the thermal power of elemental skills. This additional characteristic has been received as a reinforcement that is intended as a reinforcement assuming a random hit, such as “the enemy that will also be damaged far from far away and launching a long distance attack”. In the behavior of the elemental skills of Ver 2.6, which will be “after defect correction”, it will be effective only when there is a single enemy at a long distance, and it is considerably lower than the goodness of the synergies with randomness. Therefore, the logic “originally two convex is prepared on a random premise, and Ver 2.5 can not be consistent with the description of defects” is assembled, and suspicion of the official explanation is persuasive It has become.

# Turn over a diverse “funny”

If you look at only the front side of the event, it will be said that it is one of the common patterns that bought the user’s misalignment because it bought a user’s misconfiguration because it has made serious changes to the factors involved in charging. However, why did Hoyoverse, which is an operation source, has carried out character adjustment that can be taken as a quick speed? If you look at this question, you can see the challenges deeply rooted in the funnyness, why the game title “Kawagami” is popular.

“Yoshinami” is a so-called “open world” game that adventures a wide world that leds seamlessly. Players can walk around the world along the main story, grow the character, divide the dungeon and ask for a mystery and experience various “play”. Then, it is also one “play” that moves your favorite character you got with a gacha, or listening to the voice, and is “play” and constitutes the “Fun” of “Hara God”. By continuing to pack the diverse fun to the virtual world of Taiwatt continent, such as the exhilaration that combines a large field and a lot of dungeons, gimmicks, unique and attractive characters, stories, and character abilities The service that has been established is “Harami God”.

However, the diversity of this fun is expanded in the game system limitations. For example, an element system is used for many puzzles and gimms that appear in fields and events, and can be solved using elemental skills. In other words, the system of character skills is not exclusive to combat, and also applies to other plays. Although there is a system’s diversity, this proprietary is a complex scene where this diversity produces the diversity of interest, and in a complex scene where different situations such as “exploring” and “puzzle solving” are mixed. It is also connected to the dissatisfaction of users who can not operate well.

Another limit is control of the operation required for freedom to respond to a wide range of hardware. “Mami” corresponds to PC, PS4, and smartphone / tablet, and at the same time, input devices also have pad keyboard touch panels and various options. A difficult-controlled open world would have probably needed to autoize the fine behavior to provide users who are satisfactory in all environments in all environments. “Harami” is not a well-active target lock in other 3D action games, but when attacking an attack action is automatically tracked.

Auto Target is generally successful in providing user comfortable gameplay, while combining the system of the system described above, it is an element that often impairs the user’s play experience. It is a problem that an attack is attracted to an object such as a gunpowder barrel installed in the field well. Objects are set to lower priority as attacked by enemies, and must not usually be a problem, but depending on the situation, there may be attacks and skills in the unintended direction of the player. This is a factor that makes frustration factors accidentally attacking the enemy accidentally attacking the enemy when you want to do this or if you want to trigger a gimmick.

Actually, the behavior of “Hemari Sakai” is a view of whether the behavior of this system is implemented to eliminate the problem caused by the auto target. In Ver 2.5, “Wife Sakai” may also aim for objects such as gunpowels at the time of random attack, and guessing that only a near distance can be aimed to aim for only the enemy. It is. Certainly the official explanation has a part that could be aimed at “(instead of objects)”, and there is a part that could be aimed, and this interpretation has certain persuasive power.

Also, in the official description of the rollback announced on April 2, “improving the problem of” this “celebrated inventive” is part of an important factor that improves the game experience, difficult It is also a long-term goal. This is a description that it is said that this correction does not stay only in Yatsukuko, and it is a description that it is said that there was also the intention to lead to the problem of the root problem of the game system. It is not true that it was not.

# “Communication” importance

After all, the skill performance change of Yaekako is canceled, and only strong negative emotions remain inside and outside the community remain. Now that the operated game has become a service that causes long-term content addition and maintenance, the adjustment of the implemented character is inevitably occurred, and it should be welcomed by the user in the sense of maintaining the quality of the game It is. This issue is that the skill correction itself has insufficient explanation to the user. In the case of a problem with the root of the user’s game experience, the problem of the user’s game experience should be carefully proceeded.

Above all, it should be not forgotten that the user’s request is not only “performance”. From the person who is in love with the character and voice of the character of Yatsuko, the existence itself, it would not be a good thing to be able to make a self-changed change even from the operation even after operation.. Social games sometimes be equal to “part of life” for users. That’s why, a polite explanation is required to be felt that each user can feel that “your voice is also heard”.

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