Steam Deck gets new games verified by Xbox

Steam Deck is now compatible with a lot of Xbox Game Studios games. Steam Deck is fast becoming one of the most exclusive devices on the market, which makes it even more accessible to play massive AAA games on the fly. Of course, Nintendo Switch exists, but it is not reliable for some of the main AAA games and does not have the power that one could expect. There is also transmission in the cloud on telephones, but only a select amount of games work on it and the transmission capabilities are still, ultimately, a work in progress. But Steam Deck has provided a solution, although a costly solution.

Xbox has made available several of its own titles in Steam Deck. Games like Mar of thieves and Forza Horizon 5 have already been played at Steam Deck, but the list is growing even more. Xbox has confirmed that Fabula_, ori and the Blind Forest Forest, Halo Wars: Definitive Edition, Killer Instinct, Kalimba, Halo: Spartan Strike, _ and _pixar: A Disney Pixar Adventure now are all verified and work very well Steam Deck. Minecraft Dungeons, Gears Tactics, Deadlight and Halo: Spartan Assault are also playable, but not verified, which means that players can find some problems with them. However, it is still great to see this list grow. Phil Spencer from Xbox has already noticed the admiration of him by Steam Deck, so maybe Valve and Xbox work more closely on the device in due time.

Steam Deck is a secret Xbox

Valve is reviewing the whole Steam catalog to try to make sure that Steam Deck users can access the vast majority of their library on the portable device. Who knows how long it will take, how many games will not be available, etc., but anyway it is a brave effort. Inos de la war and anillo de Elden, two massive titles and one of which was previously exclusive to PlayStation, can now be played at Steam Deck. Although it is a fairly expensive device, it could be said that it is the best way to play premium games on the fly and probably will only improve over time.

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