How to perform Pillar Palavar Puzzle in Jundland Wastes in LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga

In Locations, Jundland Wastes in A New Hope have many puzzles that offer awards such as Kyber Bricks. Puzzle Pillar Palavar is especially complicated, it is hidden in a cave next to the Tuscan Raiders camp. To task, you must press the disc to light up the buttons, but you can land on each light only a limited number of times. Here is the exact template you must follow to achieve this.

Find a puzzle

Lego: Star Wars - The Skywalker Saga - Jundland Wastes Walkthrough
The story should lead you straight to Tasken Raiders camp , where you meet Obi-Wan. From here you should see Opening in stone aside camp. You can find a puzzle inside this cave .

Ghout the central mechanism

To start moving the central part and light the arrows displayed on the ground, you first need grab hold Orange handles in the center. So you either push a piece ahead or back to enlighten them when you pass by them.

Light arrows in the right order

To solve the puzzle, you must light up All arrows shown. However, you can not pass in terms of indicators that already burns . If only one arrow in the row, you can pass by it only once, otherwise the mystery will be reset. That is why the puzzle must be completed in specific template . The character will be go back or backward ** when you click on the lever. Having this in mind, here’s a step of steps to complete the puzzle:

  • Forward, back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back, forth, forward, forward, forward

Collect your reward

You’ll complete the puzzle, if successful lit all the arrows without intersection any previously lit. It initiates a quick cat-scene and reveals Cyber brick and coins for you to gather in a cave.

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