Activision Blizzard Ditch with an agreement The demand filed by the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission

The judge responsible for the demand filed by the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission against Activision Blizzard has accepted the agreement proposed by both parties. Thus, instead of reaching trial, the company will enter 18 million dollars in a fund with which the Commission will reward the workers who have been discriminated against for gender reasons. Although the deadline to appeal this decision will remain open a few more weeks, since the Commission animate the workers of Activision Blizzard, who have been in the company in any period between September 1, 2016 and today, to submit a petition to receive adequate economic compensation if they have suffered sexual abuse, gender discrimination or reprisals before a pregnancy. A listing of the necessary documentation that the affected will have to present for its correct evaluation can be found on the web of the federal body. Another type of discrimination, such as salary inequality or labor abuse, are not collected in this lawsuit, so the victims will have to wait for the resolution of the Department of Employment and Housing of California.

Precisely this state organization has been especially critical with the approved agreement, noting that 18 million dollars is an exceptionally low figure for the nature of the case. The union Communications Workers of America, which has been helping the study workers to organize, has already been hard last October with the proposal agreed that has just been validated, noting that it was “horribly low” and that I could only pay for Form worthy about 60 of the affected employees. To put the agreement in context, from the Department of Employment and Housing of the State of California have highlighted that the figure agreed by Riot Games in a similar demand exceeded 100 million dollars.

With this lawyer, Activision Blizzard has yet to face the case for abuse and discrimination of the Department of Employment and Housing of the State of California, which, from reaching trial, will be judged in a state court, and the federal demand filed by the Commission of bag and values. This last organism, which will also be responsible for approved the purchase by Microsoft, has not pronounced before the Agreement or has offered any type of updated information on the status of the case. In addition, the company faces a good handful of particular demands both from workers and in investor groupings.

Activision-Blizzard и увольнение 800 работников

A summary of all owners can be found in this link.

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