Stealth Thief Action “Defffort” announced for PS4 / Nintendo Switch. Remastered version of PS2 “January”

Acquirer announced on March 31st, Stealth Thief Action Games “ Debt-kamiwaza Tourai- “. The corresponding platform is scheduled to be released on the fall of 2022 at PLAYSTATION 4 / Nintendo SWITCH. This work is the remastered version of “January-kamiwaza-” released for PS2 in 2006.

“Distressing-kamiwaza Tourai-” is a tie-striking, Sea-Illustrated, and stealing from a bad guy to help the weak man. Once I was washed with my feet, I dyed my hands on my thief operation to save his daughter who fell in my disease.

In this work, the player will steal it with a variety of thief actions on the stage of the end of the Edo period. Status and targets are variously stolen, for example, stealing products that are decorated by the house, open and steal a safe and storehouse, or slect your valuable goods from a person’s nostalgic. The bathroom carrying the back of every stealing will swell. In addition, the stealth action hidden from the enemy’s view is also one of the features. Because it is a tissue, killing is a law. And in the progress of the story, I met various people, and the story changes depending on the player’s choice.

In the remastered version announced this time, the atmosphere of the work is pursuing further playability as it is. In addition to high resolution to full HD, we also implement image quality improvement by texture refinement. Furthermore, adding auto save functions and adjustment of various tutorials.

“Distressing-kamiwaza Tourai-” is scheduled to be released in Fall 2022 for PS4 / Nintendo Switch.

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