[LCK Final] Perfect V10. T1, new history (comprehensive)

T1 won the 2022 LOL Champions Korea Spring Split. This is the winning winner since the league. T1 became the first team who won the winner of the LCK to win this winner. The team’s main mid liner ‘Paker’ is also registered as the first player who won the LCK with T1.

2 days, Ilsan Kintex first exhibition hall, 2022 LOL Champions Korea Spring Split finals were held. T1 has been in the king of the spring split with a victory 3: 1 victory against Zenge e sports.

1 set, Yuzu e sports prepared a single combination of bottom-based in a blue side camp. Yes, Genji E Sports, which scored a good mood, and a good atmosphere, has maintained an equivalent gold difference from T1 and mid-t1. As a result, it was an atmosphere to win enough, because it was a Jenge e-sport that became stronger as the power of combination was stronger.

However, the momentum of Zenge e sports did not last long. T1 has used the characteristics of a good combination of maneuver to operate Yuzu e sports. In the side or in the center, the object and the tower, and the movement of T1, which forced the selection of one of the two, did not follow the slowdown e-sports. Zenge e-sports that have been frustrated, and T1 won all of them. The T1 bot liner ‘Kuma Yui’ showed the best playback with 1 set Nordes.

Getting a preemptive point T1 was two sets, trying to guide the same composition. Instead of lowering the completeness in the vanpic, it was a combination that does not miss the lines of the line. T1 took the snowball while pushing Zenge e-sports in the tower and bottom, as a vanzanger. T1 seemed to have used the initiative and operations to create Zenge e-sports like a set of 1.

Yuzu E-sports, who was getting tilted, did not collapse anymore. He gave T1 Goruca to T1 while receiving the opponent’s offensive. ‘Choke’ Jung Ji-hoon’s Ari, ‘Doran’ Choi Hyun-jun, especially, especially noticeable. Diffeding the combination of opponents vulnerable to assassination and acquiring a large amount of killing and knocked down T1. After winning 2 sets, ‘peanut’ Han Wang, “We are much better,” We are much better, “he wemed the next set victory.

Three sets, T1 of blue camped T1 took all their mastics. Yuzu e sports jungle “peanut” one of the king of the pagoda put the gambling of a two-level gang to flip the tower line at a time. However, T1 Top Liner ‘Zeus’ Choi Woo-gyu has been living with super play, from here, T1 quickly rolled snowballs using a tower of jungle.

Finals Trash Talk | T1 vs. GEN | 2022 LCK Spring Split FINALS
Even in the disadvantage, Yuzu e-sports have maintained concentration on the end. In this process, the ‘peanut’ Han Wang shared two dragons and baron steel, and Jenge e-sports have established a footrest to reverse. The game was becoming a crime that was going to fall into a labyrinth. ‘Kuma Yui’ Jingx has a three sets of victory to T1 with a scary firepower in the last Baron Hanta.

The last 4 sets of T1 and Zenge e sports have a game rather than expected. Yuzu e sports pulled out the jiker of Arc Shan on the top line. However, in the early stages of the line, the power was allowed to allow the junk of the opponent jungle. T1, who catched the momentum, pressed the YENGE E sports to the end and pushed it without a bird until the opponent’s Nexus. T1 has achieved a winner of the Nexus of Zenge e sports, and the history of the LCK was achieved in the first launch of the “League” and the historic “League.”

■ 2022 LCK Spring Split Playoff Final Results

T1 3 vs 1 Zenge e sports
1 set T1 wins vs Lozenge e sports
2 sets T1 L. vs Win Yen E Sports
3 sets T1 wins vs Lozen e sports
4 sets T1 wins vs Lozen e sports

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