The new Witcher saga issue 05/2022

It will be handed again and conjured

In the new issue we dedicate ourselves to a very big surprise: CD project Red officially announced the work on a new chapter of the Witcher saga. But it should not be around The Witcher 4 , how one can already recognize in the medallion that can be seen on the teaser image. We drourish what it all has to mean.

Not about witches, but magicians, on the other hand, is going on in the Open World Game Hogwarts Legacy , which we are dedicated to a large article. The title is located in the Harry Potter universe, but plays long before his time. Two magical members of the editors have looked very well and promoted interesting details with nearly magical Muggle eyes.

Steam deck

CD Projekt Announce Next Witcher, Will Ditch RED Engine For Unreal Engine 5 | Witcher 4

With the Steam Deck PC game manufacturer Valve wants to mix the handheld market. We looked at what does not even have such handy PC in mini format on the box and if he is actually suitable for console players. In addition to the restriction to PC (STEAM) games, comfort-savvy console sockers is likely to spend the rightly cumbersome operation of the device with individual configurations and compatibility issues.

Test Witcher saga now

GTA 5 – now for next gene

Hardly a game has been kept about as many console generations like Grand Theft Auto 5 and its multiplayer offshoot GTA online . Now the Gangster epic is also available for the current consoles. We examine in the tech check if there was a similar disaster as in the classical collection GTA Trilogy or rock star is seriously clamped and successfully led the game into the presence.

To the Witcher saga minibo

Elden Ring, WWE 2K22, Gran Turismo 7 and more

As usual, that was not all that awaits you in the new Witcher saga. In the Giant Test Plus Beginner Guides Elden Ring you will learn what the bucking roleplay also makes for Souls refusers like me to a must. And believe me, I stopped myself, but now I can barely get away.

In addition, after a long time, I have relyed again in the digital wrestling ring: WWE 2K22 shows in the test that it is quite possible to use a completely bidding predecessor.

And of course we also have a test to Sony’s Edelrennspiel Gran Turismo 7 in the magazine. Under the beautiful lacquer layer, uplifted rust stains hide, but car freaks are barely around.

Also in the new booklet

  • Test: Ghostwire Tokyo
  • Test: Kirby and the forgotten country
  • Test: Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins
  • Test: Destiny 2: The witch king
  • Report: New Work
  • Over 110 minutes video on DVD

Witcher saga

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Witcher saga free house test

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To the Witcher saga minibo

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