Remix: Lets celebrate the sixth anniversary of “Overwatch” in volume 1!

Blizzard Entertainment has decided to hold “Overwatch Anniversary Remix: Volume 1” from April 6, in Software Watch for PS4 / Nintendo Switch / PC. In this event, it is possible to acquire a renewed highly popular legendary skin during a period from April 6 to 26, and to play a limited event in the arcade.

The 6th anniversary of “Overwatch” is approaching! In commemoration of this, we have a limited number of limited events including “Overwatch Anniversary Remix: Volume 1”. During the period from April 6 (Wed) to February 26 (Tuesday), you will earn a large-popular legendary skin that has been renewed, and enjoy a limited event in the arcade!
We plan more anniversary events within the year. As with previous anniversary events, all past limited items can be unlocked during the period.

Overwatch Anniversary Remix: The following six legendary skins appear in Volume 1.

# # “Silioni” for Genji

# # “Evermore” for the riper

# # Mercy for Mercy

# # “Steelhard” for Rheinhard

D. VA “White Cat” for VA

# # “Gealot” for Zeniyatta

# Daily limited battle

As part of the overwatch anniversary, the popular mode can be re-played from among past limited events. Please check the first week schedule from:

# # 1st Week: April 6 (Wed) -1 April 12 (Tuesday)

April 6 (Wed) -Somer game
April 7 (Thu) -Halloween Teller
April 8 (Fri) -Halloween Terrer Challenge Mission
April 9 (Sat)-Winter Wonderland
April 10 (Sun) -The Chinese New Year

April 11 (Mon) -Overwatch Archive
April 12 (Tuesday) -Transpiration of Overwatch Archive


# Weekly Challenge

In addition, the popularity challenge limited skin is also revived for a limited time! Play with quick play, rival play, or arcade, spray, player icon, and D. VA’s “Nano”, Ana’s “Bastet”, “Combat Medic” of Batstist, etc. Let’s put it in! 1 win and count as a 2 match. Every week, new rewards appear! The first week’s reward is D.VA’s “nano” set.

# # 1st Week: April 6 (Wed) -1 April 12 (Tuesday)

9 times play | D. VA spray “Nano” 2
18 Play | D. VA Player Icon “Nano”
27 Play | D. VA Epic Skin “Nano”

For more information such as event information and compensation schedules for “Overwatch Anniversary Remix: Volume 1”, see the website and Japan official Twitter that will be updated in the future.

# Game Overview

■ Genre Team Fighting Action Shooting ■ Compatible model PS4 / PC / SWITCH ■ Official site ■ Japan official Twitter @ JPPLayOverwatch

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