Look for a treasure in the medieval Europe! PVPVE Thieves ACT “HOOD: Outlaws & Legends” Introductional Guide for beginners to succeed

Do you know “ Robin Hood Legend “?

Strike a wealthy noble, let’s make money, and it’s a legend of the medieval British legendary, which is considered to be a poor person.

And “ Hood: Outlaws & Legends ” introduced this time is such that it recalls such a Robin Hood Legend. In this paper, we will introduce the secret to the successful strategy of the thieves beginners!

# Travel with 4 teams! But I can’t get back home.

If this work is easy to understand, if it represents a single word “Treasure storm game” . A total of four teams of one team of 4 people in a vast map are competing with one treasure.

The game system is simplic. The flow of the game is divided into three steps:

# # # 1. Steal the key of the treasure

First of all, I aim for both teams to steal the key of the treasure from “ General ” that is crawling somewhere in the map. However, governor is invincible NPC. This attack does not go through. If it is found, it will be executed by a blow, so let’s keep the key while stealth from behind.

# # 2. Let’s find a treasure store

Hood Outlaws And Legends 10 MUST KNOW Tips For Beginners!

If you get a key, look for a treasure treasure ** that will appear random every time the map. Since the treasure is strictly protected by the NPC, let’s cooperate with your friends. Of course, care must be taken if the player who has a key is defeated, so it will be careful.

3. Let’s collect treasure chest

If you open the treasure bridge, someone of the member must carry treasure chests to recovery points . During transportation of treasure chests, the movement speed is also slow and unpremious, so let’s support allies.
If you set up a treasure chest to the recovery point Loading work will begin. A team that has wound the winch and completed the load will win a treasure and become a winner.

As you can see the above three steps, the goal of this work is to collect treasures to the last. You don’t have to stick to defeat the enemy while being interpersonal.

Therefore, people who are not good at interpersonal war can contribute to the secret behavior, and you can also contribute to support such as enemy footing and ally recovery. Of course, you can also go around fighting, so please rest assured that the blood hungry forthheiters are hungry!

# Ranger, Hunter, Browler, etc. Unique non-unlikely

All characters appeared in this work. Of course you can use all characters from the beginning.

Each character has unique ability and equipment, characteristics and works in various situations.

# # ◆ Robin (Ranger)

A character that uses long-distance attacks using a large bow. He holds a strong arrow so that it has a stronger arrow, the more powerful arrows, and combine the characteristics of tagging the target for a long time. Abilities emerge a special arrow and cause explosion around the percentage. It is a powerful ability that can be inoperable for a certain period of time if you hit the governor.

# # ◆ Marianne (Hunter)

Assassin character of concealed specialties. Closch distance with a knife attached to his arms, it will be the main distance, and you can assassinate even from the front of the enemy. Abilities will transparce yourself for a certain period of time and not notice at all for NPCs, and will not be noticed from the player. If you throw the gear “smoke”, you can also block the scope with a smoke screen.

# # ◆ John (Blower)

Power attacker carrying a huge hammer. Cut the lead for your side and raise the dropping grid of the blocked castle gate. John, who has activated the ability, will also make it difficult to stop with infinite stamina and attack power, strengthening defense and increase resistance, and will no longer stop. Gear “bombs” can greatly damage all targets within the range.

# # ◆ Take (Mystic)

Light Attacks extend extensive, and heavy attacks attack flaires forward. Stamina recovery speed can be acted more aggressive faster than other characters. Ability “intuition” recovers nearby allies and highlights the hidden enemy. The gear “gas” has the effect of taking the stamina of the character around the sprayed poison and to see the visibility.

# # ◆ Eida (cell sode)

Technical type that can be used to use a lightweight song and a quick sword and enemy attack. You can replenish your empty gearbox and support allies. The gear “tar” decelerates the enemies within the range and can damage every time for each time. Ability expands the barrier for ally and blocks enemy distance attacks and explosives.

There is a strong scene for any character, for example, as Marianne’s approach to governance, John can be active in various scenes, such as collecting treasure chests, etc.

If you recommend it in it, I am recommended for John and Takeke. These two people are proximity types that do not have a distance for long distance attacks, but that they do not need a fine Aim. Aim will be easy to handle players without confidence.

In addition, since the near-type character can be wound up a winch earlier, it can be expected to contribute to the recovery phase.

The character is as much as you use, so it will earn Park . Parks are available for each character and can be equipped up to three.

When dispatching, it is possible to dispatch with the same character as the ally, so it is nice to be able to use the character you want to raise and your favorite character without hesitation.

# Running a vast map!

The map of the treasure hunt of this work is a fence, a graveyard, a swamp, coast, a padding base, a mountain, and is drawn with a large and precise graphic. The scale is a treasure hunt game that does not seem like a treasure hunt game. The world view of the Medieval European, which is a fine, is expressed in a wonderful manner.

The map is installed in the map a, b and c, and the control is completed by remaining at a predetermined time interval. When defeated by the enemy, you can respan from the control base of your team, and quickly return to the front.

# Beginner must see! What is a battle method that leads to victory

Well, there is a victim because this work is opponent. Therefore, we will introduce some recommended war law that leads to the victory that I actually played!

# # Do not find it on NPC!

Because I can not find it on NPC, I can not keep secret behavior because I can not catch up. If you find it on the NPC, you will be highlighted by the enemy player, and it will be a position barre.

In addition, when NPC takes a strict attitude, the pit-and-up grid of nearby is activated, and the situation will be rushed to the reinforcement, so the situation will be disadvantageous.

If it is a secret state, NPC can stell skill from behind to stealth skills. Furthermore, even if you get back even with enemy players, it is important to have a sense that you can always find the enemy.

# # Control the base!

In this work, the act of suppressing the base is not required. However, if there is a control base, it will be a lesprounce point when it is defeated, so if there is a capacity, it is a place to control it by all means.

If you secure a base close to the front, even if it is defeated, the time to return to the front will be shorter, so it will be quite advantageous. Since the basement control can be reserved just for a few seconds, it is possible to be aware of the disadvantages.

# # Collection point is a place far from the enemy main area!

Well, the importance of the base control was helped, but this is useful during transportation and collection of treasure chests. Suppose your team carried to the farest collection point from the enemy team’s headquarters. Then the enemy team will respan from the nearest control base, but if the team is controlled by itself, the enemy must rush from a tremendous distance to the front.

Since your team can restore from nearby bases or home locations, you will only have a victory with just this!

Cooperating with friends, I put out the enemy, and the sense of accomplishment when I could rob it safely. Remuneration is dependent on the player who gives the poor as a talented or to the player.

This work is a style that is not tied to a treasure hunting battle, and it is easy to play an active part in a person who is not good at fighting, and everyone can be MVP.

In the first place, there is a resistance to interpersonal battle, and if the battle is getting better, PVE mode is also available, so it may be a challenge from that.

“Hood: Outlaws & Legends” is scheduled to be released on April 5, 2022, 2022.

“HOOD: Outlaws & Legends” official site is here

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