Launch of Choose trailer or die from Netflix

Netflix has just launched a trailer of Lelect or die. The Streamer returns to immerse himself in the spent well of the survival horror of the 1980s for a version of a gender with a video game. Ila Evans plays a curious programmer that runs up with a cursed computer game called MES> R. As expected, some bad things develop when she turns him and the city begins to fall apart due to the malignant code. Asa Butterfield arrives to help complete the dangerous challenges. Interestingly, Robert Englund is credited with the film, although in the trailer it is more a floating voice. Toby Meakins is attached to direct and Simon Allen wrote the creepy story. The genre fanatics will be happy to see a pillar of terror attached to a project so clearly in debt with the previous work of him with a nightmare on Elm Street. You can see the trailer for yourself below. had the opportunity to talk to Englund about him. He is more than pleased that Freddy Kruger has become an icon of terror.

“Freddy is an amalgam of [Filmmaker] the experiences of Wes Craven,” said Englund previously to “I think there was a bully at the school of him called Fred Krueger. And I think that when Wes chose the name of the sack man, he liked a Germanic aspect. Frederick Krueger, very tectonic. And I think part of that is that Fred, who has always had a little bit of, a dark side of the fairy tale of the Grimm in the fable of Freddy Krueger, the ‘Nightmare at Elm Street’ ».

He added: “The other part is that there was a time when Johnny Carson was making jokes by Freddy Krueger and Freddy Krueger was on the cover of revista Mad and Freddy Krueger was in the comic strips on Sundays, in some of the strips more foreign. And it was the topic of almost hundreds of rap letters in the 1990s and early 2000s. It becomes… Wes no longer possesses it, and I do not possess it anymore, and New Line Cinema does not possess it anymore. It is only part of the American vernacular language. I think that’s where it becomes confusing for some people, especially when a younger generation arrives, and see an old DVD pulled around or see it in a Halloween marathon. And they think that perhaps it was based on something real as Ted Bundy, a real story of serial killer. “

Chosen | Official Trailer | Netflix
Netflix describes the film here: “After starting a game of lost survival terror of the 80s, a young coding unleashes a hidden curse that destroys reality, forcing it to make terrifying decisions and facing deadly consequences.”

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