test Kirby and the forgotten country: Super Mario gets competition

Whoever loves Jump’s Runs, often attacks the Nintendo Switch. But even here 3D platforms are rar sown. Donkey Kong, Yoshi and last Kirby were always classic from left to right on the way. In large 3D levels, only Grand Master Super Mario was allowed to let off. That’s changing now, because in Kirby and the forgotten land Nintendo sends his cuddly vacuum cleaner to a journey with a new perspective!

Table of contents

  • 1 Test Kirby and the forgotten country: Super Mario gets competition
    • 1.1 No Super Mario Odyssey, but still good
    • 1.2 Kirby’s new skills
    • 1.3 Also in Koop mode a great fun
    • 1.4 For whom is Kirby and the forgotten country worthwhile? For whom rather not?
    • 1.5 rating of Sergej Jurtaev

Overview to Kirby and the Forgotten Land
• Time: approx. 12 to 15 hours for 100%
• Multiplayer: Yes (Koop mode)
• Switch online functions: no
• Memory Data Cloud: Compatible
• Amiibo Support: Yes

No Super Mario Odyssey, but still good

After Nintendo has already taken care of Pokémon legends: Arceus for an irritant initial impression, players were not quite clear in the announcement of Kirby and the forgotten country what they would expect. Due to some similarities, the hope was germined that Kirby would get his Super Mario Odyssey. At the latest with the publication of the free demo but it became clear, that the new Kirby adventure is less super Mario Odyssey, but more Super Mario 3D World .

There is a classic overworld over which you select the levels and gradually unlock new worlds. The levels themselves are quite large and spacious, but the camera can only be minimized. Nintendo-typically awaits you a lot of variety. Each level has its own topic and in each section there are new challenges and creative tricks. In addition, you will also be animated for exploring . In addition to hidden waddle dees, which applies to free it, there are three secret missions in each level, which can optionally conclude.

Between your adventures you relax as needed in Waddle-Dee city, which serves as a hub world. The waddle dees-rescued Waddle Dees gradually build the city and build new buildings. There is a cinema, a cafe and even a private house for Kirby. In the weapons sheets, you improve your skills that you can immediately proof in the Coliseum. In addition, there are of course a few mini games in which you hunt the highscore.

Kirby’s new skills

The controller was well transferred to the new dimension. Kirby not only controls himself directly and precisely, but also very simple. In addition to the analog stick, in principle, you only need two buttons for jumping and sucking. If your specific opponent sucks, Kirby takes over your special power. The suction button then becomes the action key with which you will ship fire for example or a boomerang. Kirby fans will notice directly that there are relatively few special powers . You can improve them several times, but only twelve pieces exist. For comparison: Kirby Star Allies has more than twice as many.

Kirby’s new full-manual skills should compensate for that. In addition to opponents Kirby can also suck certain objects and acquires such new skills. As starring her as a car over a racetrack, illuminated as a light bulb dark areas or builds new ways as stairs. The full-manual tricks are strongly limiting off the normal gameplay and always ensure fresh accents .

Nonetheless, it would have liked to give even more full-scale capabilities. We have caught up with the variety, but against the end the air is something out **. More familiar tasks are reused or even boss fights are recycled.

Also in co-op mode a great fun

Kirby and the forgotten country has two levels of difficulty (normal and light), whereby the game is also quite simple on normal difficulty. If you play the main story, but you expect new tasks , which are sometimes really crisp. In addition, there are still so-called “roads of treasures”. These are short challenges that focus on a stifferent ability. Although these missions are easy in itself, but have an optional time goal that claims you exercise.

In any case, the coeP mode must be mentioned. You can tackle the complete game with a girlfriend or a friend . The second player takes over the role of the Waddle Dee Assistant. While this can not suck opponents, it has its own attacks with which he supports Kirby. Since the camera always sounds suitable for yourself, the game can be enjoyed very well in co-op mode.

As far as technology concerns: Kirby and the forgotten country largely looks very chic. Due to the simple graphics style, it is somewhat surprising, that it runs in 30 and not in 60 fps . What also stands out immediately is that frames are reduced by opponents and moving objects in the distance. You certainly know that from other games. In Kirby and the forgotten land, the camera often looks into the distance and there is not that much on the screen in total, the hackling animations fall on and dull the atmosphere. All in all, it is technically but completely in order bugs we have not encountered us.

For whom is Kirby and the forgotten country worthwhile? For whom rather not?

Finally, we want to assess you briefly and just under an assessment of whether Kirby and the forgotten land is worthwhile for you, or not. You will have your fun with the jump ‘n’ run your fun if…

Kirby and the Forgotten Land, but it’s the Mario Odyssey Trailer
* You are looking for a good 3D platform, for many of them do not exist.
* You want to experiment with different skills and gladly explores Level.
* You are interested in a co-op game that you can play with a girlfriend or a friend.

Not very suitable is Kirby and the forgotten land for you, if…

  • You expect a game that puts your Platformer Skills Tallhart on the sample. Kirby rather starts his adventure relaxed.
  • Discard the Knuffy look.

Review of Sergej Jurtev

Actually incredible that Kirby is only now – after 30 years – his first real 3D adventure gets. No idea why Nintendo delayed it for so long, because Kirby and the forgotten land has become really good ! After Kirby could not delight me anymore, that’s the right step to further develop the range of play.

I do not have much to complain. In the end, there is a lack of variety as the puzzles and sections repeat with the full-manual skills. In addition, I missed something the Nintendo magic . The game continues well to very good Nintendo level, but there were no moments that have completely enchanted or surprised me.

Otherwise you can look forward to a great and versatile mario alternative. Depending on what skills you use, you always experience the game a little different. Equipped with a sword, it is almost like an action adventure . And without any skills, the successful boss fights suddenly become a real challenge.

What I liked compared to Mario games are the long levels. For the first level alone, you need about ten minutes. There is always a lot to discover and the optional missions motivate you to explore a section several times. I used almost 15 hours to really do everything in the game and reach 100 percent – boredom never got up.

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