Ghostwire Tokyo details preload schedules and premiere at PC, at what time can you play?

Bethesda and Tango Gameworks have everything ready for the premiere of Ghostwire: Tokyo at PlayStation 5 and PC this next Friday March 25 . The title of the study captained by Shinji Mikami, this time with Kenji Kimura at the head, now deploys the world schedules of his preload at Steam and Epic Games Store plus hours of ReleGames Storee ** on each continent. These pre-load allow players forward by downloading the GB dozens of the game at releGames Storee, so Games Store soon Games Store the indicated time can start playing without waits.

What time can you start preload Ghostwire Tokyo in Steam and Epic Games Store?

The preload of Ghostwire Tokyo in its version of PC -Steam and Epic Games Store – hGames Store begun on Tuesday, March 22 at 6:00 pm, peninsular schedule of Spain. It is now available.

What time does Ghostwire Tokyo premiered in Steam and Epic Games Store?

Ghostwire: Tokyo PC System Requirements Analysis
The launch of Ghostwire Tokyo on PC, both Steam and Epic Games Store, will be determined by the schedule of the territory in which we are. In Central European (CET), in which Spain is located, these are schedules to start playing the title on computer:

  • Premiere time of Ghostwire Tokyo in Steam: March 25 at 01:00 (CET).
  • Ghostwire Toyyo Premiere Time at Epic Games Store: March 25 at 01:00 (CET).

That is, at one o’clock at night on Thursday night. With this methodology, Ghostwire Tokyo will be launched at the same time all over the world, not at midnight at the local time of each country. In this way, Pacific-time players can start playing at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday 24.

Ghostwire Tokyo Analysis in Meristation: What did you think about

In Meristation we have already analyzed Ghostwire: Tokyo in its version of PlayStation 5, where it is exclusive temporary for a year. A title that we highlight its Excelsa Recreation of Shibuya, Tokyo, its atmosphere, its artistic direction and the Yokais Bestiary. Likewise, he hGames Store convinced us his repertoire of stories of error, but he hGames Store not convinced us his action, the approach of his open world or the lack of pure fear sequences. “An action game where what works leGames Storet is the action. A title full of humor, personality and original details, but at the same time with an open world approach of the most generic and conservative. “

Ghostwire Tokyo is put on sale this Friday, March 25 in physical and digital format in PS5 and PC.

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