Jedi fall Order 2: According to rumor first info from May 2022

The successor to Star Wars Jedi: Fall Order is said to be presented for the first time this May. This gave the journalist Jeff Grubb recently known in a podcast. This announcement should take place in the context of the Star Wars Celebration , which can be canceled twice in a row due to the current pandemic.

How does the rumor date?

In itself, Electronic Arts has already confirmed that Respawn Entertainment is currently working on three star Wars games. ResPawn was the developer for Jedi Fallen Order and the continuation was confirmed in the message last January. Much more, however, is not known for the game so far. In the 240th edition of the GameSbeat podcast, Jeff Grubb was concretely asked by a viewer, when or how there are news about the new Jedi Order title. This question answered Jeff Grubb accordingly. According to him, Star Wars Jedi: Fall Order 2 can be announced as part of the Star Wars Celebration.

When will order 2?

A concrete statement, how exactly the game is to be presented, Jeff Grubb did not make. Currently it seems very plausible that the fall order 2 will come to the market this year. This was confirmed at the beginning of the year also industry insider Tom Henderson. Interested here is that Henderson originally called May 4 as an appointment for an official announcement or presentation of the game.

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Star Wars Jedi Falling Order 2 Release should be very close!

Again, there are rumors around the release of Star Wars Jedi: Order 2. Another insider is from an appointment in 2022.

The 4th of May is the “Star Wars Day” celebrated by fans, come from the slightly lispurning formulation “May The Fourth Be With You”. Star Wars pleased despite fluctuating reviews Skywalker saga a huge fan community and accordingly owns a large audience for a trade fair as the Star Wars Celebration. And there could be more Star Wars announcements – which, stands on page 2 !

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So.. Jedi Fallen Order 2 might be coming in 2022! - Reveal Soon!
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