Hogwarts Legacy: Teaser Published in front of the State of Play and fans celebrate the game already now

Tomorrow, Thursday, March 17, is a State of Play held in the name of Hogwarts Legacy. Even before the launch of the Playstation events have WB Games and Avalanche Software a small gameplay teaser released, probably shows us a few seconds of the trailer, which is expected to be presented tomorrow.

Trans busting at J.K. Rowling: The success of Hogwarts Legacy comes indirectly Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling to property that participates by existing publishing rights and the associated sale of books. Rowling noticed increasingly in the past by trans hostile statements.

. On display is an avatar who awakens in the sleeping chambers of Gryffindor If you pay attention closely, you can on the hood of the sorcerer’s apprentice even see a small glitch:

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That is why fans will find the teaser that great

Actually is hard to see in the short clip something important, and yet the community is already in a celebratory mood. Hashtagtylerh wrote on Reddit: “I am so happy, I let finally at Hogwarts running around!” Thomasr02 adds: “I want to Hogwarts so badly explore – it’s a dream come true.”

Even users who are hardly interested in the Harry Potter franchise, look forward to Hogwarts Legacy: “Harry Potter is not really my thing,” writes TheRoyalStig. “Actually, not at all. But I am interested yet for this game. “

All information available so far about the game, you will find in the overview:

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Why is that If you look at the many fan votes one is clear: Even more than the characters, it is the world of Harry Potter, which attracts many of you under its spell.

Anyone who has read the books as a child, will have dreamed with a high probability of it, even to be able to roam as a sorcerer through the halls of Hogwarts to attend the classes to play Quidditch and experience adventure. This is Hogwarts Legacy now (digital) reality.

This is exactly what the teaser alludes: In the few seconds to see exactly those items. The avatar that ye are allowed to create themselves, preparing for an exciting day in the school of magic before. He wakes up in the bedrooms of Gryffindor, but you can also one of the other houses are allocated – depending on which house fits your personality.

Here you see the announcement trailer:

For more information about Hogwarts Legacy:

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When Hogwarts Legacy appears?

So far, only know that Hogwarts Legacy later this year will come on the market. It is highly likely that we will get an exact date or at least one month tomorrow.

In addition, the dedicated State of Play in March indicates that it may not last longer until we Hogwarts Legacy can play itself. Summer or early fall are certainly good advice – that is also confirmed insider rumors.

Are you looking forward already to Hogwarts Legacy?

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