NEW WORLD: The roadmap for 2022 with expeditions, leaderboards and territories!

Are still loyal to the mysterious kingdom Aeternum and makes the sandbox MMO New World unsure her? Well, then we have some information for you that may like them! Because the developers of Amazon Game Studios have the New World roadmap published by autumn 2,022th You can expect all kinds of new expeditions, arenas for PvP fans among you, concerts, a new area and a new weapon! Are you ready for 2022, which have been divided into three seasons, the developer? Note: The Devs New World point out that the Roadmap does not reflect all the planned content. In addition, planned new mutators, tasks, meetings, balance tweaks and bug fixes, sure. The Roadmap for New World in 2022. Source: Amazon Game Studios

New World Roadmap: Spring 2022

was already known that the people of New World in the spring of 2022, the expedition heart of Stormwind will publish. In threatening Bruchberg so that the current main storyline comes from Isabelle to a furious finale. At the same time you can expect the new weapon blunderbuss, which can be both ranged combat but also use them for fighting in the middle range. perhaps thinking of a very loud and flexible shotgun.

Furthermore, you can probably you with the April-May or update to 3v3 PvP arenas happy if you have super much Bock less anonymous Wars and more on a skirmish in a confined space. This can include a PvP Reward series is introduced.

New World roadmap: Summer 2022


In the summer you can not only when you hold is the weather, bathe in the sun, but also in a new New World expedition. You can expect the Dungeon barnacles and black powder. this announcement is adorned by the way of a very grim appearing underwater pirates – that packs better a bathing suit! For this you can look forward to the summer event. And then a comfort feature comes into play yet: an expedition group search! Whether it is a Dungeon Finder automatism or just a game-relief in the manual group search, remains to be seen.

New World roadmap: Autumn 2022

Autumn 2022 is bulging (buy now € 39.99) for New World. Since the new territory sulfur sand desert is opened and you can you imagine that because you can expect a lot of sand in the hero boots. Whether the new Ennead expedition is in the desert?

If you already have all the weapons from New World by and yearn for new combat challenges, then you might be interested in the new weapon, the United sword. The program will introduce leaderboards in the game and on top of that the two events Nightvale Hallow come (probably for Halloween) and Turkulon 2022 into play. Do you already have an idea of what you might expect?

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