Hogwarts Legacy: Can the makers spoil the whole game?

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Why should not it interest?

In discussions about the topic it will be imprinted quickly. The site to buy the show the game feels patorm. As if she is banned by the moral apostles or is taken away. The boycott side does not feel belonging and gets the impression that active transfinity is simply tolerated. The debate is so charged to emotions that both sides are more busy to defend their own opinion than that they listen to the other side.

And yet it is a debate that must be guided over and over again. Discrimination must be addressed. Even if Hyped fans would like to banish political topics from their games, this is not always possible. Games are political, as well as their makers. And it is also a political act when you buy a game that has discriminated in indirectly financially rewarded.

At the end of the day, it is a question of priority. What is more important: that you have fun with a game or that discrimination is not supported? It is a question of conscience that everyone has to do with themselves. But it would be nice if the assisted majority of the discriminated minority would listen at least.

When debating around this topic, it is not necessarily about convincing fans to buy the game. It’s about sensitization. It’s about being at least short ** will be aware, whom and what you support buying a game.

Assessment of Nathan Navrotzki

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Personally, it is important for my values ​​to stand. Sure, as a child I always wanted a Harry Potter game like Hogwarts Legacy. But as an adult I just see what would be associated with my supposed fun – whom I would support with it. I would also buy the game at most second hand. Probably not. Not only as an expression of my collected middle finger to rowling, but also as a sign of solidarity.

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