Elden Ring receives an update

Surprisingly, _ Elden Ring _ received its update 1.03 a couple of hours ago. Although this number could indicate that the game only corrected a couple of errors, The truth is that there has also been added new content, some details have been rebalanced and more.

To begin, now you can now save the name and location of a NPC on the game map, thus solving several problems that players had at the time of completing secondary missions . Along with this, more NPCs have been added, and new optional tasks. These are the most striking news:

-It added a function to register an icon and the name of a NPC on the map when you are with that NPC.

-Added NPC from Jar-Bairn.

  • New search phases were added for the following NPC: Diallo, Nepheli Lou, Kenneth Haight, and Gatekeeper Gostoc.

-You added some invocable NPCs in multiple situations.

  • The number of objects patterns that the player can imitate when Mimic’s Veil uses.

  • Night background music added for an open field area.

Along with this, version 1.03 also solves several bugs and offers a number of changes related to power , range, duration and requirements of various skills and special movements for all enemies and different classes. Without a doubt, a substantial update. You can check the full list here.

On related topics, hackers find items hidden in the game. Similarly, fromSoftware wants to expand Elden Ring to beyond video games.

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Editor’s note:

Once again, fromSoftware demonstrates why they are one of the most beloved studies today. An update of this type is usually dedicated to small changes, but what is presented here is substantial.

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