How to cut an animation in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

The most important aspect of the battle in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is your ability to Soul Burst, which is murder from one strike on most enemies after you break their stagger bar. You will often use Soul Burst during this game, and with each enemy comes unusual and, apparently, irresistible force. Animation of the explosion of the soul .

At first, it is quite cool to watch how your character breaks enemies to a thousand bloody fragments, but after several missions repeating it again and again, it becomes a little annoying. Fortunately, there is an opportunity Shorten Animation Soul Burst . From any in-game menu:

  1. Log in to the System Settings tab
  2. Enter the tab “Basic Settings”
  3. Include the animation of the short explosion of the soul.

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This option will not only reduce your animation “Soul Blast”, but also gives you control over the camera during the animation to plan your next move – which is not possible with the default animation settings.

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