Guide to the Lost Metamorphosis Sector – Destiny 2: Queen Witch

The Throne World of Queen-Witch is full of their mysteries and secrets. Nevertheless, he also has one secret with the rest of the destination in Destiny 2, the wounded sectors. The Throne World of Savatun has three such misbeed sectors scattered on the map. In this guide, we will tell you where to find the lost sector “Metamorphosis” and complete it.

where to find the lost metamorphosis sector

The first step towards overcoming the wound sector is to find the entrance to it. This Lost Sector is located deep in Miazma swamps. It is in a cave next to the big cylindrical tower in the area. These inputs are marked with the same symbol of the discounted sector, which is used to highlight them on the map. However, the input may be a little more difficult to find. We recommend that you use the images above to help you accurately define the input if you are struggling to find it.

how to pass the lost sector of metamorphosis

As soon as you descend into the lost sector “Metamorphosis”, soon you will come across your first enemies. These enemies are contemptuous , and they are the main enemies of this launched sector. This losing sector consists of three main sections. Through through enemies in the first corridor, you will come across the despicable captain with an immune shield. Search Three crystals on the room and shoot them to remove the shield of the despicable captain. To defeat the captain and go down to the next corridor.

That The second corridor will make you fight with a few more despicable enemies. Having reached the end of this corridor, you will see the same protected enemy. Destroy all three crystals in the room to remove the shield, then destroy the enemy to go to the last room.

Finally, you will find yourself in the last room of the notch sector. Boss- Horrible Tacreka – just just win, and his attacks correspond to attacks of a typical captain of contempt. This boss will have the same invulnerable shield as other captains in the discounted sector. We could quite easily remove it after the destruction of three crystals. After a short time, the crystals will be reborn and must be destroyed again to continue to apply damage. The victory over the Dread Tatsrekaa will open the back room containing a prey container.

So, you have this where to find and complete the lost metamorphosis sector. Although the completion of this lost sector in itself does not often turn out to be too fruitful, completion of it, when this is the legendary or the main losted sector, will reward you with excellent gear.

Metamorphosis Legend Lost Sector Guide for Titan / Destiny 2 Witch Queen
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