The Rogue-like Revita will beat his full on April 21

One year and four major updates later, Revita is ready to go out. This rogue-like published at Dear Villagers, in which everything pays out with our health points, finally sees the tip of the tunnel and is preparing to come out of early access on April 21.

WHAT IS A ROGUELIKE? [Roguelike vs Roguelite]
The time has come to know what is hiding at the top of this damn clock tower that the PC players of Revita climb floor per floor for over a year. In this rogue-like, the objects and character enhancements found on the path are paying with the points of life of our avatar – so much say that the slightest damage can be dramatic. An original concept in an gameplay classic in twin-stick Shooter, imagined by Benjamin Kiefer Alias ​​Ben Star, German developer builds this title for five years.

New content still held secret is planned for the exit of Revita in version 1.0. After four large updates that have added weapons, enemies and challenges, his last stop is stalled on PC and SWITCH console for April 21st. Currently at € 14.99 in its early access rate, it will rise to € 16.99 on March 18th.

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