Opposition unsuccessful: Türkkückücüs dot deduction remains

The descent of TurkGücü in the Regionalliga will hardly be prevented, because the deduction of eleven counters imposed in mid-February remains the same as the categories of Farms of DFB GmbH & Co. KG as the competent body on Wednesday.

Turkish opposition: 'The EU’s weak reaction to the failed coup disappointed all Turks'
Both the opposition of Türkkücü against the deduction of nine points, which had been imposed on the basis of the insolvency application, as well as the complaint against the deduction of two points fixed because of a circulation violation, was rejected by the management of DFB GmbH & Co. KG.

TurkGücü, the last weekend with the 1-0 in Dortmund had ended his winning series and climbed over the stroke, with now only 18 meters occupy the last place in the 3rd league.

TurkGücü can proceed with a complaint at the DFB Bureau within a week against the nine-point deduction, for the additional two counters less the third division would act within three days and to be objectionable in the field of approval complaints.

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