WoW: Legendaries from Nathria Castle is also elsewhere in the future

Nathria Castle, the first RAID from Wow Shadowlands, has now been quite nicely dusty. While the endgame of WOW currently revolves around the fight against the Chairman in the mausoleum of the first, barely players attend the seat of Denathrius. But this can be a real annoyance for many-twinkers, newcomers and returnees. Because in Schloss Nathria there are some exclusive legendary templates that you can get nowhere else – so far anyway.

Chronicle of lost memories gets cheaper

Because the WoW developers show up and have announced in an official Bluepost, the Legendaryies from Schloss Nathria also to be available otherwise. This is concretely called:
With a hotfix we [on 12 March 2022] to play on the live servers, recurring players and twinks receive the opportunity to get these memories from other gameplay than by Nathria Schloss himself.

  • _Legendary memories that were previously available only in Nathria Castle can now be purchased at Rendel, which holds both in Schloss Nathria and in the refuge.

Rendel will sell Nathria’s memories for the same currencies for which you can buy the item of casual legendary, namely the chronicle of lost memories (grateful gifts, cataloged research or soul gut) and also for cosmic flux. At the same time, however, the chronicle of the lost memories will not be available for cosmic flux because we want players to pick up this currency to enhance their legendarys in the end of eternity, and will be able to remain able to get their animal set items create.

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As part of this change, we also reduce the cost of the random legendary item for some of its previous sources:

  • The chronicle of the lost memories now costs 15 grateful gifts from pact merchants (previously 30), or 1,500 cataloged research by Archivary Roh-Suir (previously 2,000) or 400 soul glow of bone forged Heirmir (previously 600).

TL; Dr: You can now buy the legendary memories from Nathria Castle at Rendel in the castle or in the exchange in exchange against grateful gifts, cataloged research or soul gut. At the same time, the costs for the chronicle of the lost memories are sinking. A good deal, or what do you mean? Write us in the comments!

Source: Wowhead

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