Dead Space: New rumor to release

Over the past few weeks and months, there were always rumors and speculations around the possible release date from the remake of the space horror game Dead Space (from 7.27 € at Buy). An official announcement is still expanding, but at least there is a new hint.

This comes from the well-known leader and industry insider Jeff Grubb. According to his current report at the magazine Gamesbeat, Electronic Arts and EA motifs had originally planned to release the remakes for October 2022. However, this had never been communicated to the public. However, the situation has changed a bit. The developer team would therefore require a little more time for the fine cut of the game. It is the firm intention of EA motifs to publish the Remake of Dead Space only when it has reached a certain level of quality. Therefore, with the release of the new edition, only in early 2023 will be expected. However, Grubb did not call a concrete appointment in his report.

Dead Space Remake Gameplay & Release Window Teased | GameSpot News

An opinion or even confirmation of cultubbs recent statements is so far, so you should enjoy the whole thing with a certain caution. On the other hand, Jeff Grubb had already several times with his leads and forecasts, therefore, is at least not completely excluded that something is true. Maybe the soon starting for today’s Livestream (we reported) something new in this regard price.

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