Shooter legend on Steam: Can this record ever be broken?

More than 3.2 million simultaneous players – this steam record was set up four years ago by a very special shooter, which is still damnable today. How incredible this success is, shows a look at the competition.

PubG defends Steam record for 4 years

In December 2017, a shooter appeared with PUBG, which was quasi the foundation for a completely new genre: Battle Royale. PUBG also enjoys great popularity – especially since the F2P conversion. But to the game numbers shortly after the starting signal, the game can not build for a long time.

In January 2018, the Battle-Royale shooter set up a steam record that has not been broken until today. One month after the start, 3.2 million players gathered at the same time on the PubG servers and brought them to their boundaries (Source: Steam Charts).

For comparison: The new MMORPG Lost Ark reached its premature highlight of 1.32 million players, CS: Go is just below 32th place with 1.3 million simultaneous players. No competition for the record number of pubg .

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_ With the F2P conversion, a lot has changed in PubG. As the Battle Royale classic has played since the update, you can see in the gameplay trailer: _

How successful is PUBG today?

For more than four years, PUBG has already been on the market. Since then, the competition has grown steadily. Games like Warzone, Fortnite, Apex Legends and Co. ensure that the gameship is always divided. This also reflects in the number of players.

While even more than a million players were on the servers at the same time, played the number of players in November 2021 their temporary low point . At this time, on average, 141,000 players were online at the same time. After the F2P changeover, however, the number of players increased again. In the meantime, more than 230,000 players are at the same time ** on the cards on the way and try to develop a chicken dinner as a last survivor.

That’s still a real house number! Just at this moment, more than 450,000 players are online, so pubg is located on the fourth place of Steam Games. Only Dota 2, Elden Ring and CS: Go can record even more players .

Pubg is anything but dead – and that will not change in the coming months and years. Whether the Steam record of the Battle-Royale shooter is broken again remains to be seen. Currently, however, it does not look like pubg would have to worry about it.

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