After 24 years: N64

Steam players can soon catch up on a retro classic who appeared 24 years ago on the Nintendo 64. He combines a colorful game world reminiscent of Super Mario 64 with a crazy protagonist.

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Retro fans can look forward to N64 classics

In the N64 platformer Glover you control a glove that has to cross a colorful world. 24 years after the original release on the Nintendo 64 appears on April 20, 2022 a new and revised version on Steam.

At first globe, most of the players probably goes immediately by the head: Why is the protagonist a glove? This is of course because a wizard has triggered an explosion that transforms it into stone and seven crystals has scattered in the world. As one of his gloves, it is now for you to bring the crystals back. Conveniently, they are called rubber balls that can maneuver them with your body (a hand) by the platformer. On the way you have to take eight before the evil glove.

Glover: What’s new on the Steam version?

Glover offers 30 levels in six different worlds with many bizarre creatures. With power-ups you can change the shape and properties of the rubber balls ** and thus, for example, clear obstacles out of the way. According to the product description on Steam, the new version of Glover was completely redesigned using the original code of the N64 version and adapted to modern PCs. (Source: Steam)

Nintendo has released its own N64 classic Super Mario 64 together with Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy on the Switch. Look at the game here on Amazon:

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