How to drift in chocobo gp

In many meanings, Chocobo GP is a standard game with races on trolleys. One feature that has always been the main part of the genre is a drift. Drink in Chocobo GP is easy, and this is a good way to ride steep twists and complex turns. Drift is a basic function, which means that you do not need any abilities or a full scale to use it. Let’s see how to drift in Chocobo GP.

Drifting in Chocobo GP

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For a successful drift, the player will need to turn when using the drift button. The drift button may vary depending on the control circuit. For a standard set of control elements of type 1, the offset is indicated by the letter R. It is also true for type 2, however, if you select Type 3, the offset button will instead Y.

You want to drift at the peak of your turn, do not do it too sooner or too late. If you do a successful skid, he will tell you about it in the upper left corner of the screen, right under any objects that you have.

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