All locations of signal towers in Horizon Forbidden West

Huge open world Horizon Forbidden West offers players a lot of classes in addition to the main plot. One of the most useful aspects of the game is a lot of collectible items that players can find around the world. Signal Towers are the first collectible type with which the players will face Horizon Forbidden West.

Location of the signal tower

There are all six signal towers, and all of them are relatively close to each other. All of them are located in the first area of ​​the open world Horizon, DAUNT . The signal towers are associated with a side quest at the beginning of the game, where Elau is instructed to get lenses from each signal tower.

Signal towers can be built in any order and are not tied to the plot. They can be finished after players completed the main story of the game. Since the signal towers can be difficult to find and pass, it is possible to wait until Elo gets access to a flying mount at the end of the game to cope with most of them.

Signal Tower 1 – Lens of Dawn

Signal tower with Lenza Dawn You can find east of Crimson Narrows, where players will complete the side quest Deep Trouble.

Signal Tower 2 – Morning Lens

That Lens of the morning The signal tower is located straight to the northeast of the settlement of the chain scraper.

signal tower 3 – lens noon

Directly east of Chainscrape is a signaling tower containing noon lenza .

signal tower 4 – lens noon

Southwest of ChainsCrape players can find day lens signal tower.

Signal Tower 5 – Lens Twilight

East of fruitless light is a place where Lens Twilight The signaling tower can be found.

Signal Tower 6 – Evening Lenza

Directly north of fruitless light is a signaling tower containing evening lenses . This signal tower is not shown in the image above, but it is located in a circle with number 6.

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