Xbox Cloud Gaming will add support for mouse and keyboard

Xbox Cloud Gaming Recently added _ Microsoft_ Flight Sculator, which allows players to transmit it, instead of downloading it. Given the great size of the game, it is a very welcome option, but only for players who want to use a controller or a touch screen. Soon, however, an option for keyboard and mouse will be available! That news was revealed by Microsoft Flight Sculator Jorg Neumann during a question and answers from the developer held on Twitch. Unfortunately, Neumann could not give a specific period for the function, since the game already supports the control option. Instead, everything is reduced to the Xbox Platform Team.

“The next step for us is the mouse [and] keyboard,” Neumann said during the question and answers session. «This is support at the platform level, so it has nothing to do with us. Obviously, the mouse and the keyboard work for our SIM. So the platform team is working on this. I know I can not give a date because it is the platform team. I do not know your dates, but it approaches ».

How to Play Xbox Cloud Gaming with a Mouse and Keyboard (Xcloud PC)

Now that Neumann has confirmed the function, it will be interesting to see when the compatibility with keyboard and mouse arrives at Xbox Cloud Gaming. Many subscribers would love to see the implemented function, but Xbox has not talked about the subject so far. Presumably, the company will make an ad on Xbox Wire detailing the details when they are available. It also seems likely that the function is compatible with any game that already offers support for mouse and keyboard, but outside of Microsoft_ flight sculator is impossible to say it with certainty.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is offered as part of a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, allowing users to transmit games on various different devices. Xbox has also added versions in the game cloud such as Microsoft_ flight scowler as a way to make them playable in systems that would not otherwise be included, including Xbox Series S and Xbox One. The Xbox Cloud Gaming growth has been very interesting Observe in recent years, and it seems that Microsoft is still finding new ways to make it more attractive!

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