Order Steam Deck: Valve with new information about shipping & later reservations

Valve sends additional e-mails with which the orders for the Steam Deck can be completed. In a current blog entry, the company shares with: “We have just sent the e-mails for the purchase of the Steam Deck to customers of the second group of reservations for the 1st quarter”. Those who landed in the summer of last year at his reservation in the summer of last year, should take a look into his electronic mailbox. If you shut off the order, the devices go in the shipping in the coming days. Delivery usually requires two to three working days.

Valve Steam Deck Shipping Update, SCAMS & Stick Drift Problems Addressed!

Production up screwed up

In addition, Valve shares with the Steam deck production actively unscrewed and now having clearer information about availability and production schedule. Customers whose steam deck order should be completed in the third quarter can now see on the product page to the Steam Deck, in which time window the order is possible. Note that you must log in to Steam.

Steam deck in other countries

“We also check whether we can make the Steam Deck by the end of the year in other countries, including Japan. Our team makes progress at all levels and keeps you up to date,” complements the company. Whether a purchase of the new PC handheld is worthwhile, you read in our big test to the Steam Deck. Also get the free game Aperture Desk job for the Steam Deck \ – also available for desktop PCs.

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