Hard Action FPS “Trepang2” Beautiful cruelty and ever destroyed enemies! New demo version suggestion

! caution! If you are not good at grotesque expressions and cruel expressions, please refrain from browsing if you are under 18 years old.

Developer Trepang Studios has published the latest trailer “BLUE DANUBE (beautiful blue Danube)” for Hardcore FPS “ Trepang2 ” for PC (Steam).

This work is a first person shooter full of thrilling and hardcore expressions and actions. If you notice, the player has lost memory, and instead has a combat ability beyond human limits. That’s right, mysterious power will escape from the secret military facility that was strictly guarded, and the player stands up to stand out.

Seems to be affected by the masterpiece horror FPS “ Fear “, the area destruction and slow motion are characterized, and the rain of lead is sluggish, and the enemy suddenly came to the enemy, and the villain who robbed everything I will visit my crunchy bullet. In the trailer, you can check the picture as if to kill people in the ball, along with the music of “Beautiful Blue Danau”.

Players can throw ambient time. You can take a punch or kick to the enemy while avoiding a bullet that fly. In addition, using special transparency clerks, from behind it will approach the enemy and broke the neck and make full use of the above capabilities to create a variety of fighting combo. After leaving the drop kick from the height, it will use that reaction to make another enemy in a bee and the player. This work is also evolving enemy AI, and it will respond sharply until one player of the player. In a battlefield that keeps changing, it is required to be flexible and destroy the enemy.

The TREPANG STUDIOS suggested a new version of the demo release that will be a new demonstration at the official Twitter “? ” and DEMO released in 2019.

A demo version can be downloaded for “trepang2” that can expect hard meat bullets. Official release date is unknown at present.

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