Bundesliga: harsh criticism of communication at the DFB

The longtime chairman judge of the DFB DFB Bundestags court, Hans E. Lorenz, has criticized communication at the German football federal government just before the end of his term.

“That’s something that has come to me in the DFB in recent years too short. Of course, that also hangs together with Corona, but not only,” said the 71-year-old of the “German Press Agency”. “The communication within the association, also because the top had a lot to do with himself, decisively suffered. It must urgently be intensified in the next legislative period – in all directions.”

Because he reached the age limit, the term of office of Lorenz ends at the DFB Bundestag in Bonn. There, a new president is also elected at the scandalized association. As a Lorenz successor, his previous deputy Stephan Oberholz is random from Leipzig. Lorenz led the DFB Bundestags court since 2007, he also belongs to the Disciplinary Commission of UEFA.

Spectacular disputes

In more than 2000 – most written procedures, he and his body ruled on penalties for associations, coaches and players, on fan events and also spectacular disputes such as the so-called Platzurm at the 2012 relegation game between Fortuna Düsseldorf and Hertha BSC or the Phantomor of Leverkusens Stefan Kießling.

The lawyer from the Rheinhessian Wöllstein, before his retirement chairman Richter of the Great Criminal Chamber of the Regional Court Mainz, is still a member of the board at the DFB until the Bundestag.

Also, he missed better communication and more than the two sessions a year.

Bundesliga “from the big leagues with distance the fairest”

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“If they all come in the door, I would say at most two-thirds: I’ve seen that, and half would come to my name spontaneously,” Lorenz said.

A positive development sees the DFB Bundestags court chairman in the behavior of the protagonists in professional football. The Bundesliga is “from the big leagues by far the fairest”.

The tendency with returning red and yellow-red cards is clear. “The video assistant protects us before work: Undiscovered acts behind the back of the referee does not exist anymore,” Lorenz explained.

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